School principals victims of workplace bullying

School principals victims of workplace bullying

When school principals go to the cops on abuse complaints, a number of the complaints are often based on a misunderstanding that the victim’s name, address or even the fact that she works at the school are enough to merit a civil lawsuit. However, if the complainant’s name, address or even the fact that she works at the school are not taken into account, the lawsuit can move swiftly from the initial accusation and start a long judicial process that might take years.

The victim’s attorney, Robert B. Efros of New Jersey, recently filed suit against the City of Newark in the Eastern District of New Jersey. In the suit, Efros alleges that the city, through its Police Department, has received at least 40 complaints about “bullying” or “harrassment” by officers at the school.

Efros claims that the first incident occurred in July 2004 when a girl’s name, address and social security number were included in a complaint against a Newark police sergeant and several Newark school employees. In that same year, Efros received at least 20 other complaints alleging that members of Napronxewark’s Department of Social Services had used student information supplied by parents to obtain jobs with city schools. As evidence of a “public nuisance,” the complaint included photographs of the child and a school sign that read, “No children in our schools need parents.” The complaint even included a photo of a girl who was being bullied by another girl, in which she was crying.

In another incident, a male Newark police sergeant made a phone call to another police sergeant in the school, who in turn made a phone call to a child psychologist. The two made calls to another child psychologist several times, but Efros did not hear back from either individual until April 2007 when he received a call from another city police sergeant that the school psychologist had called in the complaint.

In a related case, Efros claims that in March 2005 an officer used the same kind of phone number to make a school district employee report the harassment of another school employee by a student’s mother. He also alleges that another woman who complained to the Child and Family Services Department, the Newark Police Department and the Department of Social Services made si바카라milar calls, but was told they were not a police matter. He says the phone calls had no legal basis and were not related to the alleged harassment of th예스카지노e mother.

According to an article in the Philadelphia Daily News, police officials said Efros’s claims and those of other alleged victims are th


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