Newcastle man critical after garage gas explosion on Newcastle St

Newcastle man critical after garage gas explosion on Newcastle St

RADIO 3 AUSTRALIAN WESTERN AUSTRALIAN 3 An ambulance crew arrive to an accident on the Queensway near the Newcastle St area of Newcastle, south east of Newcastle, NSW on Tuesday, April 4, 2016. A vehicle slammed into a garage on the Newcastle St area of Newcastle, South east of Newcastle. Photo: Melissa Adams The vehicle rammed into a garage and caused the emergency shut-off that halted construction work for the Queensway Bridge between Newcastle and Queenstown. Photo: ABC Radio Newcastle After the rescue workers had freed the driver from a pool of blood he went to the Queenstown Coroners Court to give evidence. The injured man had to have four staples removed to drain blood from his arm. He said he was on fire before the gas explosion which he described as “brutal and terrifying”. Photjarvees.como: ABC Radio Newcastle The driver of the car to더킹카지노ld police he was driving home to Newcastle when he had a collision with a van in Gosford.

“I could see it was absolutely tragic. He drove into a car park and it went through a garage where a truck was,” Mr Moore told ABC Radio Newcastle. “I got out and I was just shaking with shock that we just got hit by a car. “The driver of the vehicle told police he told us not to go through the garage, as it had been the type of cars I’d seen and the colour and they said they’d got a complaint from someone who’d seen the light.

“He said it had been on a red light before the incident.” The driver, known only as B, then told police he and his crew were preparing to take part in a “festival” event in Gosford when the accident occurred.

“They were driving through Gosford about six to six-and-a-half kilometres in a five-minute round trip when they got stuck in a garage.

“They were all pretty confused and didn’t realise it was a gas explosion and they were just waiting to see if it (the vehicle) would come under control,” Mr Moore said. He said the driver stopped aft더킹카지노er one car was involved but a second car passed and continued through the garage. “The driver drove through the house that was under construction and the garage just collapsed at that point and then the car came back and smashed into the garage and it was all completely chaos.

“It just sort of went to hell and that’s how it unfolded.” B, an experience


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