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However, to justify a dismissal for economic reasons or an ERE, it is necessary to demonstrate that the company is suffering cover iphone 5s swarovski year on year losses for at least 3 quarters, as pointed out by several labor lawyers consulted by Business Insider Spain.

Experts warn of possible abuses and clarify that what companies can do is an ERTE, in which the worker is not fired but stops receiving his salary for a certain time in which the activity of his company custodia samsung j3 a libro is suspended and he is paid unemployment benefit until you get your job back.

One of the labor lawyers consulted assures that the Las Ciguenas de Rivas Vaciamadrid public school has terminated the contracts for kitchen workers and subcontracted caregivers before the closure of educational centers in the Community of Madrid due to the coronavirus.

Lawyers recall that workers are not required to inform companies of their health status.

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The international expansion of the coronavirus and its impact on all types of companies and sectors is generating consequences unimaginable until a few custodia flip samsung a3 2017 months ago. Macroeconomic indicators suffer, stock markets plummet and companies begin to notice the effect of the virus on their activity, either due to the lack of supplies, the samsung custodia clear cover per galaxy s6 edge drop in cover iphone 5 moschino ebay income or the containment measures that are being applied in the most affected countries.

Against this background, it is not unreasonable to custodia samsung a7 2018 pelle think that this economic impact will have direct consequences on our own work or, rather, on the viability of the employment we occupy. In fact, in the last days There are cases of companies threatening to dismiss their workers if the economic losses from the coronavirus worsen.

Hence the question: Can a company samsung galaxy j6 2018 custodia claim coronavirus custodia samsung s4 i9515 losses as justification for an appropriate dismissal

According to several labor lawyers consulted by Business Insider Spain, they can at least for the moment. Victor Canalda, lawyer and professor of Labor Law at the UOC, clarifies that Spain, dismissal is causal that is, that the company must allege an objective cause cover iphone 8 plus ebay or a disciplinary reason for it to be considered appropriate dismissal.

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In the case of an objective dismissal for productive, organizational, technical or economic reasons, Canalda points out that custodia samsung sm-t560nzwaitv galaxy tab e display da 9.6 is a rationale behind the fact that this cause can be applied to a company and it is there has been a loss or decrease in income for a few quarters of an exercise with samsung galaxy tab s 8.4 custodia respect to the previous year. We are talking about a time factor that, with immediacy, would not be possible lawyer Antonio Garcia Stuyck agrees with this opinion, although he specifies that depends on the judge judgment. However, it assures that the law speaks of comparing in 3 consecutive quarters level of income or sales of each quarter with respect to the same period of the previous year, how stipule Article 51 of the Workers Statute, because otherwise company is at stake losing the dismissal in the courts this reason, Garcia Stuyck points out that the first losses occurred in January, we could already in September, at least, to be able to justify these 3 quarters of constant losses with respect to the previous year which makes it impossible for cover iphone 5s a libro a company to dismiss a worker from the coronavirus losses, at least in the short term.

What companies can do, as has happened in the case of the Volkswagen Navarra Landaben factory, is to apply for an ERTE, a temporary employment regulation file the conjuncture passes as Jose Martin, Riverside Asesores labor adviser, assures, specifying that in this case it does not require a consultation period or the usual procedure for an ERE and it could, in theory, be done quickly due to force majeure. like custodia samsung galaxy s3 kandiski this Read more I hate working from home but my company forces me to do it because of the coronavirus: that how I doing it

Jose Martin explains that in an ERTE contract is suspended, you custodia samsung galaxy i9060 go into unemployment, you receive benefits and when the situation ends again they have to rehire you, you are not fired. the ERE of extinction, the labor adviser assures that right now I riverdale cover iphone do not see it, and although I think that we will custodia samsung galaxy tab 3 8.0 see everything in this situation, but I do not think it has a path. addition, the Riverside labor adviser highlights that this Wednesday, coinciding with the closure of educational centers decreed by the Community of Madrid, they have been informed that at Las Ciguenas de Rivas Vaciamadrid public school workers and caregivers have been terminated (contracts), because they are subcontracted

Martin points out that they still do not have all the information in this case, but he understands that would have applied an ERTE, justified by the force majeure that existsThis fact is strange to him, given that Government itself has been insisting these days that workers remain, that no measures be taken yet until they know more about how the situation is evolving and if the measures implemented in Madrid are expanded. , La Rioja and Alava to the rest of the country.

Victor Canalda clarifies that ERE is still custodia telefono samsung j5 2016 an objective layoff to a certain number of workers, reason why we would be facing the same situation, the economic or cover iphone 6 cover organizational causes would have to concur custodia samsung 2016 equally. the case of an ERTE, the professor of Labor Law points out that it is necessary that these causes occur but, as in the case of Volkswagen, there is a need to stop production due to lack of parts, which allows for the temporary suspension of contracts or the reduction of working hours. Read more The Government is how exactly the financial aid will work for families who cannot telework to care for their children without school and avoid being paid by companies

Antonio Garcia Stuyck considers that normal thing in these cases, although we do not know how the situation will evolve, is what is stipulated in article 47 of the Workers Statute, which is to do an ERTE for a conjunctural situation, such as the one that may be occurring in hotels or schools for example for suspend contracts for a month or 2, do not proceed with collective dismissals when later you will have to rehire layoffs and ERTEs, labor lawyers warn of other types of situations that are being generated with the coronavirus, such as companies that consult their workers about their health status and on whether they have coronavirus symptoms. Victor Canalda assures that this conduct is not legal, or rather, there is a conflict of rights; Firstly, there is the worker right to custodia di samsung j3 privacy, because medical information is personal information. he stresses that it is a public health issue that could go further and affects occupational safety, it is lawful for the company, for its planning of preventive activity to ask its employees about their state of health…


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